Deck Coating Options for 2023: Here Are the Most Popular Colors to Consider

Deck Coating Options for 2023: Here Are the Most Popular Colors to Consider

The truth is that few investments you can make will yield as much satisfaction and enjoyment as renovating your outdoor living space. According to a recent study by NAR, more than 50% of homeowners have undertaken a home renovation project in the past year, with deck upgrades being one of the most popular choices, and 77% of homeowners say they'd rather renovate instead of selling.

As we look ahead and into the second half of 2023, let's explore the top deck coating options and the most popular deck colors to help you create a stunning and functional outdoor oasis.

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1. Natural Wood Tones

Natural or Clear

One of the most popular deck coating options in 2023 for homeowners who want to maintain the natural beauty of their wooden deck is a clear or natural finish. This type of coating enhances the wood's grain and texture while providing protection against rot and weather damage.

Light or Golden Oak

For a versatile option that complements a wide range of outdoor décor, light or golden oak is an excellent choice. This light, neutral shade reveals the natural wood grain and requires minimal maintenance. As a bonus, lighter shades like this are generally easier to apply.

Walnut or Light Walnut

Walnut is another popular choice for deck owners who appreciate the warmth and richness of dark brown tones. Light walnut provides a slightly lighter variation, with a hue that's darker than honey or golden oak but still offers a touch of warmth and orange-brown tones that blend well with greenery in your backyard.


If you're after a timeless, classic look for your deck, consider a honey-colored coating. This popular deck color offers a light, warm tone that enhances the natural beauty of your wood.

2. Bold and Dramatic Colors


For those who are seeking a more dramatic and eye-catching deck, black is an ideal choice. This striking color adds contrast and depth to your home's exterior or patio furniture while providing excellent water and UV ray resistance.

Redwood or Fiery Red

A bold and red deck can infuse your outdoor space with energy and life. Considered a classic color, redwood or fiery red offers a warm tone that pairs well with brick homes and other earthy materials.

Alligator Green

Green is another bold color option for your deck that's immensely popular in 2023. It highlights the natural surroundings of your outdoor space while helping to conceal imperfections and footprints on the deck surface.

3. Cool and Calming Shades

Light Blue

If you're looking for a unique and standout appearance, painting your deck light blue is a fantastic option. Consider choosing a semi-transparent light blue coating to maintain a natural wood look while adding a touch of cool, ocean-inspired color.

Colony Blue

Colony blue is an attractive, flat-finish alternative to more common blue shades and has become increasinly popular in recent years. This modern and chic color should be UV and mildew resistant to protect your deck from direct sunlight and weather exposure.

Calming or Dark Blue

A calming or dark blue deck coating can create a nautical ambiance in your outdoor space. This color brings both style and vibrancy, while also helping to conceal dirt and marks. It's natural undertones complement many types of darker colored outdoor furnishings, too. 

4. Versatile Grays

Classic Gray

For a sophisticated and charming deck color, classic gray is a top choice in 2023 and beyond. This neutral shade features a base color of orange, yellow, or red, which blends seamlessly with most deck paint colors. Its subtle accents are especially enjoyable during the summer months.

Greige or Slate Gray

If you want a unique wood finish, then consider combining gray and beige (also known as "greige") or opt for a slate gray coating. Both of these options offer light hues with cool undertones, making them versatile and visually appealing choices for your deck.

Driftwood Gray

If you have a beach house deck or simply love the feel of summer, driftwood or dark gray is an ideal deck coating option that has a rustic and nostalgic feel. This color is commonly used to restore cracked or weathered decks and accentuate the natural textures of the wood. 

5. Earthy and Neutral Tones

Beige or Tan

Sometimes a uniform appearance is the way to go. This is where beige or tan can be a versatile option that comes in both cool and warm shades. This deck color softens the overall look of your outdoor space and pairs well with various furniture and plant options.

Classic Taupe

Classic taupe is perfect for those who want a deck color that complements a dark brown stain. This shade provides excellent contrast and visual interest, while offering full-coverage and waterproofing capabilities.

Brownstone or Earthy Brown

Brownstone is a classy, earthy brown color that adapts well to changing surroundings. This lighter shade creates an inviting and attractive illusion, making your outdoor space more enjoyable and visually appealing.

6. Custom Combinations


If you're looking for a truly personalized deck, consider using a two-tone color scheme. This technique works best for larger decks, allowing you to divide areas based on different activities or design preferences. These unique options do require a bit more elbow grease to pull off, but the final result will be well worth your efforts. 

Contrasting Inlay

Add style and personality to your deck with a contrasting inlay. This technique can range from simple to complex and involves incorporating different colors and patterns into your deck design.

Colorful Railing

A colorful railing can add flair and interest to your deck. Be sure to choose shades that complement your home's exterior and speak to your personal style. Experiment with your favorite colors for an eye-catching and unique look.

Liquid Rubber Deck Products
7. Rubberized Deck Paint

Rubberized deck paint is an innovative option for homeowners seeking a durable and slip-resistant surface. This type of coating provides a protective barrier that can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions, making it a long-lasting and practical choice. What's more, you have plenty of options for different colors and the sky's the limit as far as your creativity can take you here. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Deck Coating Options

  1. Consider your home's exterior elements, such as siding, furniture, plants, and indoor flooring when selecting a deck color. The colors should complement and accentuate these features.
  2. Understand the color wheel rules, which include dominant, secondary, and accent colors. The dominant color should be your deck color idea, while secondary and accent colors can be used for elements like furniture, rugs, pillows, and plants.
  3. The shade and finish of your paint are important for both railings and flooring, as these areas define the deck's overall appearance.
  4. Remember to mix your paint with an additive to create a non-slippery surface. Paints can be slippery when wet, so adding a sand-like texture will help prevent accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does deck paint usually last? Deck paint can last up to 10 years with proper preparation and finishing. However, some homeowners choose to repaint their decks annually, depending on local weather conditions. High-quality waterproof paints can provide long-lasting results.

What type of paint lasts the longest on decks? Polyurethane (oil-based paints) such as Liquid Rubber's Polyurethane Deck Coating will provide you with lasting, reliable coverage that's UV resistant, waterproof and easy to maintain for years to come. 

How can you prepare your deck for staining or painting? Begin by thoroughly cleaning and allowing your deck to dry. Next, you're going to want to sand the surface to create a smooth, even texture. Check for any remaining dust or debris, cover adjacent surfaces with plastic sheeting, and apply painter's tape to protect nearby areas. Apply a primer before painting, ensuring your paint has non-slippery components for added safety. For a complete rundown, please reference our related guide: How to Seal Your Outdoor Deck with Rubberized Deck Paint

Liquid Rubber Deck Products
Let's Wrap This Up

There are countless deck coating options and popular deck colors to choose from in 2023. Whether you prefer natural wood tones, bold and dramatic colors, or cool and calming shades, there's a perfect option to suit your tastes and enhance your outdoor living space. With proper preparation and application, your deck will serve as a beautiful and functional extension of your home for years to come.