Why My Metal Roof Leaks

Black metal roof

Metal roofs have been around for decades. Their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions has allowed this type of roof to maintain its popularity for many home and business owners. Unfortunately, metal roofs are not invincible and they too have their fair share of issues.

Liquid Rubber Waterproof roof productsThe biggest problem is their ability to contract and expand due to fluctuations in temperature. Below are some additional problems found in metal roofs:

-Open seams

-Open Penetration

-Metal roof oxidation (rust)

-Fasteners become loose

-Open ridge/ headwall flashing

-Loose counterflashing

-Improper Installation

-Panel Damage


Each of these problems contributes to your roof leaking, and if untreated can cause further damage to your home. 

Liquid Rubber Canada Waterproof Sealant Metal Roofs


Roof experts have agreed that there is a small window of opportunity to execute a proper restoration plan. If you wait too long, replacing the entire roof becomes unavoidable.

 Liquid Rubber Waterproof roof products

Liquid Rubber Canada has two products to fit your needs if you own a metal roof. If your roof has not undergone any forms of oxidization, our Waterproof Sealant in conjunction with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape are perfect products to complete your restoration project.

The Liquid Rubber Seam Tape seals areas where excess movement occurs like in the bridges, joints and seams of a roof. 

Liquid Rubber Canada Seam Tape Close Up


 However, if your roof has developed rust, we recommend that you purchase the Metal Safe Sealant. This product has anti-corrosion properties and will prevent the development of rust.

Liquid Rubber Canada Metal Safe Sealant Roof with Rust

If you are experiencing leaks in your metal roof and would like to learn the process to a successful repair, click the link below. 

DIY Metal Roof Repairs

 The Most Common Metal Roofs

Certain types of metals have a higher probability of becoming oxidized. Even though they likely have been coated with a metallic protective surface such as a galvanized coating or a galvalume coating: Over time, like anything, it’s subjected to wear and tear. Below are the most popular metal roofs used in the industry today:


Metal Steel Roof Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Metal Safe Sealant

                This material is the most prominent in the roofing industry today, if you have a metal roof, it’s likely made out of steel. Steel is light in weight, stronger than aluminum and cheaper. Metal roof installers use a layer of zinc and aluminum alloy to protect the material from corrosion and rust. This increases the durability and longevity of the roof.


Aluminum Metal Roof Liquid Rubber Canada Waterproof Sealant Metal Safe Sealant.

                Aluminum roofs, like steel roofs are also corrosion resistant, light in weight and strong. But because they are more expensive they do not dominate in the roofing industry. However, it is more malleable than steel and therefore can be molded into desired profiles. 


Liquid Rubber Canada Copper Roof Waterproof Sealant Metal Safe Sealant

                By far the oldest type of roof, copper has been known to last up to 70 years. Research has shown that copper actually gets better with age. Unfortunately, it is by far the most expensive. Those who want the best, must be willing to pay for it.


Liquid Rubber Waterproof roof productsThree Benefits of a Metal Roof

According to Top Roofers there are three benefits of metal roofs:

1. Tremendous Longevity

In comparison, the average asphalt roof lasts around 17 years. In the short-term, this type of roof is cheaper, but keep in mind over time you will need to make repairs and the money you saved in the beginning will inevitably be spent. Today’s modern metal roofs if installed properly can last upwards to 50 years.

2. Aesthetics

Your home is your sanctuary, so it should come as no surprise that where you live should be pleasant to your eye. Metal roofs can provide a very sophisticated and enticing look. There are many options available to suit the owners needs.

3. Saves Money

Metal roofs can reflect the heat from the sun which allows your house to maintain a cooler temperature. This certainly will reduce your energy bills. In the long run, metal roofs pay for itself so if your thinking about making a switch from an asphalt roof, its not a bad idea. 

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