Deck and Patio Cleaner

Deck and Patio Cleaner is a fast-acting, tough cleaner that restores and revitalizes outdoor surfaces, eliminating stains and contamination using oxygen action. Made for cleaning algae, mold, mildew, grease, and dirt. This product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no VOC's, acid, chlorine or bleach. Use on wood, concrete, brick, fiberglass, metal, and more.
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Deck and Patio Cleaner

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Deck & Patio Cleaning Solution

Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner is a safe, fast-acting cleaner for cleaning and brightening gray, weathered exterior wood and concrete surfaces. Can be used on decks, siding, outdoor furniture and fences. Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner is an organic, non-corrosive acid salt and other naturally occurring ingredients that have been formulated to replace corrosive and hazardous cleaning products. Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner removes dirt, light surface mildew and gray fibers from weathered wood. Will not harm plants or shrubs. This non-toxic biodegradable formula does not contain VOC’s, acid, chlorine or bleach.

How can a deck cleaning solution possibly be so safe and yet clean so well!


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Popular Uses

Deck and Patio Cleaner removes contaminants from a variety of materials. Here are some common uses for Deck and Patio Cleaner.

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Fiberglass
  • Metal
  • And More


Approximately 200 sq.ft. (18 sq.m.) - 400 sq.ft. (37 sq.m.) per 1G (3.78L).

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For Step-By-Step Guides Specific to Your Project

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Ready to use. Do not dilute. Wet surface lightly with garden hose.

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Apply product generously using brush, roller or larger vented garden sprayer. Allow solution to stand 5-10 minutes without drying.

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Work into the surface using a stiff bristle brush. Scrub a small section first to determine if area is cleaned.

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For best results, rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer.

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For stubborn stains, repeat application.

Customer Reviews

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Worked as intended good product

Steve Smigaj
long wait for cleaner

Sometimes things happen, sometimes it's the fault of the customer, sometimes it's the company and sometimes it's the delivery system. Liquid Rubber promptly shipped my purchase but the delivery company noticed one of the packages was damaged so they sent it back and Liquid Rubber again promptly send a replacement and kept me informed every step. . No hassle, all I needed was some patients. Two thumbs up , Thanks Joy

Susan Stewart
Patio cleaner

Very good.

Christina Athanasuleas

I haven’t been able to apply the product yet due to rain!

gilles boucher
pas C)vident

J'ai rC)ussi C mettre 3 couches parce que j'ai eu 3 jours de soleil la semaine passC) mais il me reste beaucoup de produits C'a l'air trC(s mince et lC j'attend d'autre jour de beau temp pour faire d'autres couche.