How to Spruce Up An Outdated-Looking Deck

Balcony prepped for waterproof sealant

Relaxing on your deck with a cup of coffee in the morning or entertaining friends outdoors at a weekend barbecue can be one of the best parts of homeownership. However, your deck probably takes quite a beating, from weather, wind, and the hot summer sun, not to mention general wear and tear from use. Sprucing up your outdated or old deck can add pleasure to your time outside, plus improve the overall curb of your home and add value!

We've put together a helpful guide with simple-to-follow DIY methods to improve the appearance of your deck, using high-quality products from Liquid Rubber. Cool deck coating can really make your backyard pop.

Drawbacks of an Old Deck

A shabby, weathered deck isn't just an eyesore. It can reduce your ability to enjoy your outdoor space and may even bring down the value of your property. If you live in an area that has a homeowner's association, a deck in poor condition can also cause you to rack up fines. Your old deck can be a safety hazard from splinters to warping in the wood that can cause people to trip and fall. Plus, your friends and family probably don't want to spend time on a dilapidated deck!

Don't let your outdated deck be a source of frustration when you can spend a weekend with a fun DIY project restoring your deck to looking like new, or even better!

Liquid Rubber Deck and balcony Project

Restoring an Old Deck Doesn't Have to Be a Pain!

Restoring and rejuvenating your deck doesn't take a DIY expert. With the right kinds of products, your deck can actually look better than new. It's important to prepare, though. Pick the right time of year to complete your renovation. The dead of winter and the middle of a hot summer are poor options, as the weather may be too extreme for the coating to stick. Spring and fall are often the best times to apply the coating to your deck – but be careful. If you have trees or plants that overhang the deck, you don't want to have falling leaves or flowers dropping onto the coating before it dries.

Once you've selected the right time of year to apply your deck coating, you then need to make sure that you complete it at the right time of day. Early morning is the best time, or later in the day. Avoid the middle of the day, especially if the deck isn't located in a shady area.

The Liquid Rubber line of products can be used on the deck, railings and steps, giving the deck a uniform appearance and protecting all of the components. PU Deck Coating works the best on most surfaces. Topcoat deck painting will help prolong the life of the deck, and reduce the damage that moisture causes, including creating an environment that causes mold and mildew to form and grow.

The Steps to Rejuvenate a Shabby Deck

The steps to restoring are fairly straightforward, as follows:

  1. First, inspect and prepare the deck. Look for loose boards or nails that need to be replaced. Once you've replaced any pieces that need to be replaced, then you can move on to the next step
  2. Make sure that you protect the surrounding area from drips and splashes, including your home, yard and landscaping.
  3. If your deck is unstained, then you'll need to scrub it, removing dirt, mold or mildew. A brush with stiff bristles can work well. If you choose to power wash the deck, make sure that it's completely dry before you apply the coating.
  4. If your deck is stained, then you'll need to apply a stripper, then proceed in the same manner you would with an unstained deck, including the cleaning and drying.
  5. Once you've cleaned the deck, be sure to sand it completely, then rinse and dry it again.
  6. Finally, it's time to apply the stain, use slow, even strokes, and apply it in thin coats. For most decks, two to three coats are sufficient.

Liquid Rubber PU Deck Coating is one of the best products for all types of decks in all kinds of climates. Plus, it's simple to apply, and long-lasting.

Ready to Get Started?

You've seen how easy it can be to restore your deck with the products from Liquid Rubber, durable coating materials that are simple to apply, and look lovely for the lifetime of your deck. Plus, when you re-coat your deck with Liquid Rubber products, it makes it easier to clean and reduces the appearance of weathering. You'll improve the look of your home and boost your property value, too! Check out our online catalog and get started today!

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