This is DIY Done DIfferently

We believe you should have a choice to buy high quality, environmentally friendly products. We believe you should have a choice to do your own projects (most of the time you can do it better yourself than hiring someone) and save money. We believe you should be able to walk through your project with a real person who has done it before. We believe you shouldn't have to run all over town to find products and value free shipping direct to your door.

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We talk the talk because we've walked the walk

We started over 20 years ago making products for large commercial and industrial projects. Over time, everyday homeowners wanted to use these products around the home. We made the adjustments to enter the residential market and are happy to say it's been a huge success. Homeowners can now use the same products used by the professionals.

The Proof is In the Product

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Need help making your project a success?

Our team of experts are here to help walk you through your project and help make sure it is a success.