Earn more money using Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber coatings give you more options for your customers. More OPTIONS means more jobs and more REVENUE.

What are the OPTIONS?

You can offer solutions for:
1. Roofs (Mod-Bit, Metal, Wood, Concrete, EPDM. Flat, Sloped, RV’s)
2. Foundations (Interior & Exterior)
3. Decks (Wood, Concrete, Balconies, Pools)
4. Asphalt Driveways, Planter Boxes
5. Ponds, Shower Liners and more

What does your customer get?

1. Tested and PROVEN products
2. Peace of mind the job is done well, works and lasts

Happy customers make referrals - more money

Preferred pricing, terms and loyalty rewards

Technical Support - Call to walk through your project anytime

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What other diYers like you are saying

As always, great product and service

Orange Paint

We have been using this product for three years now as part of our business is membrane application services. We have nothing but good things to say about it and Liquid Rubber. We are extremely satisfied with the product, and it's uses and totally recommend it over any other membrane product on the market! We wish we could own the company!! Our company lists we are "Eastern Ontario's Membrane Specialists". So glad we found it when we did. 😎

Lisa Northrup
Color waterproof sealant coating

Finally Something That Works!

Orange Paint

Finally something that works! Had a leaking porch that I have tried everything but replacing the roof. Gave this a try and presto! Works like a champ! I will recommend this for everyone who has a leak they just can't stop.

Thomas Carrier
Waterproof sealant

Excellent Customer service

Orange Paint

Excellent customer service. Fast shipping, excellent customer service and great products.

Cindy Cyr
Rv roof coating

Great Stuff

Orange Paint

Really good stuff! Sealed a 2 story plywood deck. Did mud bed on it, then 2 more layers of the Liquid Rubber. I will recommend it.

Mark Haynes
Polyurethane deck coating

Couldn't be happier

Orange Paint

Used Liquid Rubber products to resurface the top of my RV slide-outs. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Two weeks later and after a few rainstorms, no leaks. I will definitely be using this from now on!

Benny Kumpe
Rv roof and epdm rubber primer

Easy Application

Orange Paint

Excellent product for my koi pond. Easy application, impressive final coating that accomplished my purpose: stopping a persistent leak in the pond. Looks very natural with the water in the pond.

Mike Festa
Neoprene pond sealant

Transformed My Project

Orange Paint

I used this paint under the kitchen sink cabinet in my rental property. Very useful and looks great!!

Pardeep Gogna
Color waterproof sealant coating

Easy to DIY

Orange Paint

I had questions and they were excellent! They have videos showing the whole process and how to do it right! Very easy to follow and job looks great!

John Duncan
Driveway restore sealer

Great coverage!

Orange Paint

Very happy with the consistency of the product and the way it covered the surface. Both coats dried well. Very satisfied.

Arlene Hull
Foundation sealant

Went on Smooth

Orange Paint

The coating really went on smooth and stuck to the deck well. I like the anti-slip surface. I would highly recommend the product.

Sandy E.
Polyurethane deck coating

Easy clean up

Orange Paint

New concrete pond - Material went down easy and easy clean up. Coverage better than planned.

Greg Anderson
Neoprene pond sealant

Love the Primer

Orange Paint

Used the primer before I used the liquid rubber. I love this primer. It really does a fantastic job of making the surface waterproof and sticks down any paint that wouldn’t scrape off. A great product.

Robin Ramsay
Multi purpose primer

The perfect solution

Orange Paint

I used it to paint my basement wall. Every time it rained; water came through. The wall is now dry.

Arthur Gabriele
Foundation sealant

Fantastic job

Orange Paint

Fantastic - I have used the product to seal the inside of several flower boxes. It does a great job.

Michael William
Neoprene pond sealant

Great for all Home Projects

Orange Paint

Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant has worked great on several of our home projects that require a rubber based sealant to keep water out. We have found it to work the best for us.

Deborah Geddes
Foundation sealant