Rewards T & C


Earning Points and Benefits as a Liquid Rubber Rewards Member (“Rewards Member")

Rewards Members of the Liquid Rubber Rewards Program ("Rewards Program") earn points ("Points") for every Eligible Action completed. Under the Rewards Program, Eligible Product Purchases means purchases of products such as coatings, sealants, and accessories directly from Liquid Rubber Canada Inc (“Liquid Rubber”), as defined at Rewards Members also have the ability to periodically earn Points through other Eligible Actions defined on our Rewards Program page at Liquid Rubber has the right to make the final decision on whether an action qualifies for Points under the Rewards Program.

The Rewards Program is free to enroll. Enrolment in the Rewards Program is completed when and an account is created with Liquid Rubber Canada Inc and when the Terms & Conditions for the Rewards Program are accepted. Points will post to Member's Account within 72 hours from Liquid Rubber Online Store purchases or date of shipment for online orders. No adjustments to Member's Account will be made after 90 days from the actual purchase date.

Point calculations are based upon the value assigned for each Eligible Action. For instance, Points accrue on dollars spent at checkout on Eligible Product Purchases less any dollars spent on sales tax, shipping & delivery charges, any applicable taxes, or restocking fees. Other exclusions may apply. Points may also be earned on specific marketing actions involving Social Media. Points apply only to the first Membership Email recorded in connection with any purchase. When Members return products, Points previously posted to Member's Account for that purchase will be deducted from Member's Account. If Points are redeemed and the dollar amount of the coupon applied to the order is greater than the dollar amount of the order, then the remaining balance of that coupon will be forfeited.

Points and Rewards have no cash value, are non-transferable, except as specifically permitted in connection with certain promotions. Points may not be combined among Rewards Members or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a Member's estate and may not pass to Members' successors and assigns. Points cannot under any circumstance form the basis of a monetary claim against Liquid Rubber or its affiliates.

Liquid Rubber is not responsible for communications, including Rewards, lost due to communication issues including change of address or other contact information. Points that remain on Member's account after two (2) years from the last purchase will be forfeited. If the Rewards Program is terminated or the Member's account is closed, any remaining earned Points will be forfeited immediately. In the event that a Member returns Products that were partially or wholly paid for with a Reward(s), the Reward(s) used in connection with such a purchase shall be reissued and any Points representing such Reward(s) shall be reissued to such Member's Account.

Liquid Rubber reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Rewards Program at any time without notice. All Points and subsequent Rewards must be earned and used according to the terms and conditions of the Rewards Program as of the date the Points are earned.

Points are not transferable and may not be combined among Rewards Members or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a Member's estate and may not pass to Members' successors and assigns. The laws of Ontario, Canada apply.