How To Keep Your Deck Cool In The Summer

Ice cube melting on wooden deck

On lazy, hot summer days, it feels so good to relax on your deck or patio. Kick off your shoes, lie back, and chill. But, as the sun beats down and the mercury rises, you get up to refresh your cool beverage and "Ow!" As you rise to stand, the surface heat of your deck immediately scorches your bare feet. Tired of this uncomfortable experience? Eager to enjoy your property without worrying about a hot deck marring your outdoor fun? You've come to the right place! Learn about a simple DIY solution to a more enjoyable summer with a cooler deck on hot days.

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating to the Rescue

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating lowers your deck temperature and reduces heat build-up on a wooden or concrete surface. This coating also has aesthetic benefits, enhancing your deck's appearance while offering functionality.

The solar reflectivity and UV stability of Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating work to minimize heat transfer on your coated deck surface. This coating reduces the surface heat of your deck by up to 35%. That means you can walking barefoot and carefree on your deck even when the sun is at its hottest. With Liquid Cool Foot Deck Coating, you can better enjoy the outdoors on your property while protecting your deck and extending its lifespan.

This UV-resistant coating creates a seamless traffic-grade membrane for your deck's surface. It's an easy-to-apply product with no lingering tackiness. So, your deck feels smooth and comfortable for walking, sitting, and lounging. Alternatively, you can add surfacing texture to reduce slickness and prevent slip and fall accidents. This versatile product is an affordable choice with many advantages.

Note that Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating provides more benefits than a cool deck surface. Its waterproof properties minimize water and moisture damage, and the UV resistance reduces sun glare and fading. Our quality deck coating also helps prevent algae, mildew, and other organic growth. Plus, your coated deck is easier to clean, delivering a low-maintenance solution.

You can apply the coating yourself, making it an economical method of extending the life of your deck and extending the enjoyment of your property. Non-flammable, VOC-free, non-toxic, and solvent-free, this deck coating is a safe, friendly option for family members, pets, and the environment.

Liquid Rubber is committed to excellent customer support. We're eager to help if you have any questions or concerns regarding your deck coating project. Just reach out to us for tips and tricks.

Liquid Rubber Deck and balcony sealing product

How to Apply Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating

Prep your surface before applying Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating. For wooden decks, it's best to remove existing coatings and eliminate any mildew or organic growth. Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner is an excellent option for this task. Address and correct any deck surface issues, such as protruding nail heads and deck screws, loose and rotting boards and splinters, seams, and cracks.

If you're coating a concrete surface, first etch and power wash the area. Prefill any cracks larger than 1/8-inch with Liquid Rubber Sealant & Adhesive Caulk. Ensure your wooden or concrete surface is completely dry before applying the deck coating.

Gather the following supplies for the coating process:

  • Liquid Rubber Multi-Purpose Primer
  • Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating
  • Rags
  • Paint roller/Paint brush/Paint Sprayer
  • Gloves
  • Protective Tape
  • Tarp or large piece of cardboard
  • Bucket of soapy water
  • Mineral spirits
  • Don't apply when foggy or dewy.
  • Check the forecast before beginning to avoid rain within 24 hours of starting your project.
  • Don't apply during the heat of the day — 50-86°F is optimal.
  • Dry evenings and mornings are typically the best time to apply coating.
  • Allow one to two hours between coats.
  • Alternate coating directions.
  • Keep soapy water, rags and mineral spirits handy in case of spills and accidents.
  • Final coating thickness should be 1 gallon for every 50 square feet final coverage.
  • Use Liquid Rubber Seam Tape for a more efficient waterproof seal.

You can learn more about application in our video here:

Smart Tips

Coating Application

Start by taping or masking areas that you are not coating. Use a microfiber paint roller to apply your primer first with a coverage rate of 1 gallon per 175 square feet to 200 square feet. A nylon or polyester brush is best for corners, edges, and spaces between wooden deck boards. Wait one to two hours for the primer to dry. It should be dry to the touch before proceeding.

Use a paint sprayer, paintbrush or roller to apply Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Coating. Be sure to apply between deck boards. Full, effective covering requires about three to four generous coats. Allow 4-8 hours between applications. After your final coat, remove your taping/masking and let your coating dry and cure. Timing varies due to humidity, temperature, and airflow.

Post Coating Application Tips

Don't walk on your deck until 48 hours have passed after applying Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating. Inspect your deck for any coating defects, such as blisters, thin areas, and missing coverage. Repair the problems with a new coating application for the trouble spots. Wait five to seven days to replace any deck furniture.

Protect Your Feet with a Cooler Deck

Get Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating to safeguard against hot feet for you, your family, and guests. Sit or lounge on your deck on hot summer days without the discomfort of scorching hot wooden or concrete surfaces. This cost-effective solution is easy to apply, and it's ready to walk on 48 hours after the last application.

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating is available in three popular colors to complement your deck flooring, and it's non-toxic, VOC-free and solvent-free for worry-free use. This coating is suitable for both wood and concrete, making it a good option for most deck surfaces. Enjoy this high-quality, eco-friendly product manufactured by a company that cares.