Beautiful deck attached to a green house

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Beautiful deck attached to a green house
Time to Complete

48 hours

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Protecting your deck or dock with deck sealer ensures that it will be a long-lasting home feature. Applying a coating of deck sealant helps repel moisture that can lead to swelling and rotting.  If your deck or pool deck is too hot to walk barefoot, use the Cool Foot Deck Coating.  For all other decks, use the Polyurethane Deck Coating as it's the strongest, most durable deck coating.

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Prep Your Deck

Get Your Supplies Ready

A successful project starts with preparation. Make sure you have all the supplies and products you need with our supply checklist.

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Clean Your Space

Concrete: Should be etched, power washed and fully dried. Wood: Mildew and organic growth must be removed using Deck and Patio Cleaner. Secure raised nail heads, deck screws and loose boards. Pre-fill imperfections such as screw holes, knots and splits in the wood with a high-quality wood filler. Replace damaged and rotting boards and remove loose splinters. For fiberglass or vinyl: Scuff the surface to remove all shine, clean with a mild soap and water, allow to dry completely and wipe with a white rag that has been dampened with acetone to condition the surface. Cracks, joints, voids, etc: (1/8” or larger) should be pre-filled with a suitable patching material such as a high-quality wood filler, concrete patch material or Liquid Rubber caulking. Installing Liquid Rubber Caulking without reinforcing with Geo-Textile has a more seamless look but comes with a risk of cracking at the joint, crack, corner, etc. over extended periods of time and you should be prepared to touch up these areas in the future if necessary 

Contain the Mess

Set out a tarp or large piece of cardboard to keep all tools and containers on when you are not using them. Have a pail of soap and water, rags and mineral spirits ready in case there is a spill. If a spill happens, use rags to soak it up, cleaning immediately with soap and water. If it is dried, use a razor/scraper to remove. Use mineral spirits to weaken the material and remove with a wire brush or grinder.

*Note: Use mineral spirits sparingly.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Tip From the Pros:

For extra adhesion, performance and longevity and to create a moisture vapor barrier, use 1 heavy coat of Multi-Purpose Primer.

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Prepare Your Space and Gather Your Materials

Ensure your surfaces are fully cleaned and dried. Gather all materials needed.

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Detail Work

Bridge seams, flashing, cracks, joints, around penetrations, etc. using Geo-Textile applied via the 3-course method (Multi-Purpose Primer – Geo-Textile – Multi-Purpose Primer). Apply a 6” wide coat of Multi-Purpose Primer across the seam and while still wet, embed the Geo-Textile. Smooth out wrinkles and apply a second coat of Multi-Purpose Primer to fully saturate and encapsulate the Geo-Textile. Allow the primer to dry 1-2 hours before coating. Note: Geo-Textile is a structural element to help prevent cracking and will remain somewhat visible.

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Tape-off, block off or otherwise mask areas that are not to receive coating. Remove masking while coating is still wet.

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Using a 3/8’’ (10mm) microfiber roller, apply Multi-Purpose Primer to the entire surface. For edges, corners and between wood boards, apply using a nylon/ polyester brush. Allow the primer to dry until dry to the touch (approx.1-2 hours).

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Apply Coating

Apply Polyurethane Deck Coating or Cool Foot Deck Coating in multiple coats, allowing approximately 4-6 hours drying time between coats. Be sure to seal around posts. High humidity will extend curing times. You can re-coat when the material is dry to the touch with nothing wet underneath and is uniform in color.

Tips From The Pros:


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Inspect and Protect

Inspect for pinholes, blisters, voids, thin spots or other defects. Repair as necessary. Allow 72 hours after last coat for light foot traffic. Allow 5-7 days after last coat before placing furniture on the coating.

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Clean Up

Remove tape while coating is wet and close container to secure leftover product. If spillage occurs, soak up as much material as possible with rags. Clean immediately with soap and water. If spill is dried, scrape off as much as possible with a razor or scraper. Use mineral spirits to weaken product and an appropriate tool such as a wire brush or grinder to mechanically remove. If splashed on the skin immediately wash thoroughly with fresh water. If the product has dried on the skin massage the area with medical grade mineral oil, baby oil or edible oil, then wash with soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.

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