Revitalize Your Asphalt Driveway with Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore

Revitalize Your Asphalt Driveway with Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore

A worn out and weather-beaten asphalt driveway can be an eyesore. But don't fret! You can restore your asphalt driveway to its former glory using Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore, a modern, reliable, nontoxic and affordable DIY solution.

In today's post, we'll guide you through the process, and highlight the reasons why Liquid Rubber should be your top choice for driveway restoration.

Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore: An Overview

Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore is an innovative product designed to rejuvenate your old, cracked, and faded driveway. It's an environmentally-friendly, water-based sealer that fills in the small cracks and revitalizes the surface of your asphalt driveway, making it look brand new. It is designed to withstand weathering and UV rays, ensuring long-lasting protection.

One thing that sets Liquid Rubber apart from other solutions is that it contains no solvents, is non-toxic, and VOC-free. This makes it a safe choice for you, your family, kids and pets and the delicate eco system in which we live.

Why Choose Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore?

There are several reasons why Liquid Rubber stands out as the best choice for driveway restoration:

Ease of Use

Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore is incredibly easy to use. Even if you're a DIY newbie, you'll find the application process straightforward and manageable.


When compared to the cost of completely replacing your driveway, using Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore is significantly more affordable. In addition to this, its longevity ensures you won't need to reapply it frequently, saving you money in the long run.


This product is made to last. Once applied, it withstands harsh weather conditions and UV rays, ensuring that your driveway remains protected for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other products, Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore is environmentally safe. It contains no solvents, is non-toxic, and VOC-free, making it a responsible choice for your driveway restoration project.

How to Use Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore

Now that you know why Liquid Rubber is the ideal solution for your driveway restoration project, let's dive into the application process. Here's what you need to do:

Prepare Your Driveway

Start by thoroughly cleaning your driveway. Remove all dirt, debris, and contaminants from the surface. A pressure washer can be very effective for this step, but scrubbing with a brush and soapy water will work as well.

Patch Up Damages

Next, inspect your driveway for any cracks or holes. If you find any, fill them with a suitable material like wood putty. Also, sand down any rough spots to ensure a smooth surface for the sealer.

Apply the Sealer

Now it's time to apply the Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore. Make sure to follow the product instructions closely to achieve the best results. You will need to apply multiple coats, so make sure to allow sufficient drying time between each. 

Coverage: Asphalt surface: apply minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 50 sq ft (4.65 sq/m). It should require around 2-3 coats.

Apply in 50F/10C including overnight. Avoid application if rain is expected within 24 hours. Pour a thick line from one side of the driveway to the other and pull the coating towards you maintaining an even coat using an 18” foam squeegee (recommended) or paint roller. Wait 12 hours, or until dry, and apply the second coat. Before applying the final coat, inspect for blisters, pinholes or thin spots and repair as necessary.

Let's Wrap Things Up

To wrap it all up, Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore is a fantastic solution for restoring your asphalt driveway. With its ease of use, affordability, and reliability, it's a top choice for the DIY community. Not only does it restore your driveway, but it also protects it from future damage, ensuring it looks great for years to come.

Remember, driveway restoration isn't just about improving the aesthetics of your home. It's also about safety and maintaining the integrity of your property. So, why wait? Start your driveway restoration project today with Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore. You won't regret it!

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