The Cost of Replacing Your EPDM Membrane VS Repairing With Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

The Cost of Replacing Your EPDM Membrane VS Repairing With Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

Damage can occur to your roof due to age, wind, falling or scraping branches and neglect. While no one likes the cost of repairing a roof, putting it off will lead to much more damage (and expense) in the long run.

If you have experienced damage, noticed your roof membrane is starting to crack with UV exposure and age, or you have noticed that the white UV protective coating has begun to wear off and you want to be proactive about your roofs health, you may be asking yourself if you can just repair the RV rubber roof or if you have to replace it all together.

The answer will depend on a couple of factors such as the extent of damage and your budget.

If you have just recently experienced a small tear in your roof and are looking to repair it right away, you can get away with a small amount of Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating and Seam Tape.

But if you haven’t been on your roof in years, or you have put off addressing deterioration or damage for too long, you might find that the roof membrane is now deeply cracked or pulled away from skylights, vents, etc. This could lead to water damage, and if left unrepaired for too long, you may eventually need to rebuild sections of your interior, replace electrical components and potentially have to deal with mold remediation. The latter will obviously be a much more costly scenario that we hope you avoid by regularly inspecting and maintaining your roof.

Below are some examples of what it may cost you to have a professional replace your RV roof, what it could cost to replace the roof membrane yourself, and what it would cost to apply our liquid applied membrane system yourself.

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating = $529.85 = Tax (Free shipping) Up to a 30’ RV

  • 5 gallon RV Roof Coating = $349.95
  • 1 gallon EPDM Primer = $84.95
  • 4” x 50’ Seam Tape = $94.95
  • Good for 50 sq ft of coating and 50 linear feet of seam
  • Dicor EPDM 9.6’ x 45’ = $1879.99 + Tax + Shipping
  • Dicor EPDM Installation kit = $425.78
  • Dicor TPO 9.6’ x 45’ = $1.189.49 (TPO = $1590.67, EPDM = $2305.77) Up to a 40’ RV
  • Dicor TPO installation kit = $401.18

According to and The cost of having you roof professionally replaced will be around $300-$325 per linear foot (e.g. 30 ft x $300 = $9000 + Tax) Materials and labor 

  • Replacing the membrane may involve:
  • Removing covers and fixtures 
  • Removing front and rear cap moldings and gutter moldings.
  • Possibly powered awnings and slide out toppers and aluminum radius.
  • Removing the existing membrane.
  • We do not go into repairing damaged structural elements here.

Not only will repairing your RV roof with Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating system be more affordable, but it will also be less labor intensive and is much easier to do. We have many resources available including application guidelines, videos and technical support agents to help you achieve a successful application that will last for years!

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