Roof Leak Repair

Roof of a lake front home
Time to Complete

48 hours

Difficulty Level


Products Needed


Torch down and mod-bit roofs tend to break down over time, causing roof leaks. An easy DIY solution for roof leak repair is bridging the joints with Seam Tape and coating the surface with sealant. This can add up to 10 years to the life of your roof.

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Prep Your Roof

Get Your Supplies Ready

A successful project starts with preparation. Make sure you have all the supplies and products you need with our supply checklist.

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Clean Your Space

Surface must be clean and dry, stable and free from spalling, efflorescence, dust, dirt, oils, surface flaking, poorly bonded or glossy paint, sealers, salts and other contaminates which may affect adhesion and product performance.

Contain The Mess

Keep all materials on a flat/level surface, on top of a tarp or piece of cardboard. Have a pail of soap and water, rags and mineral spirits ready in case there is a spill. If a spill happens, use rags to soak it up, cleaning immediately with soap and water. If it is dried, use a razor/scraper to remove. Use mineral spirits to weaken the material and remove with a wire brush or grinder.

Note: Use mineral spirits sparingly.

Step-By-Step Project Walkthrough

Tip From the Pros:

Do not apply later in the day if dew is in the forecast.

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Prepare Your Space and Gather Your Materials

Make sure your surface and substrate is clean and dry. Note: Do not coat over saturated roofs.

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Detail Work

Bridge joints, seams, vents and skylights with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape.

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Apply painter’s tape to avoid seepage to surfaces that are not being treated.

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Apply Coating

Apply Waterproof Sealant or Color Sealant to entire roof. Product can be sprayed brushed or rolled. Apply the next heavy coat when the product is dry to the touch and nothing is wet underneath. Tacky is ok.

Tip From the Pros:

Remove Painters Tape while still wet.

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Clean Up

Remove tape and close container to secure leftover product. If spillage occurs, soak up as much material as possible with rags. Clean immediately with soap and water. If spill is dried, scrape off as much as possible with a razor or scraper. Use mineral spirits to weaken product and an appropriate tool such as a wire brush or grinder to mechanically remove. If splashed on the skin immediately wash thoroughly with fresh water. If the product has dried on the skin massage the area with medical grade mineral oil, baby oil or edible oil, then wash with soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.




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