Color Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant/Coating is a UV stable, water- based flexible coating. Application is similar to painting, but requires heavy coats to build the waterproof membrane. For use on various materials and types of projects, with eight color options.
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Color Sealant

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Color Waterproof Sealant/Coating is a UV stable, water- based flexible coating. Application is similar to painting, but requires heavy coats to build the waterproof membrane. For use on various materials and types of projects, with eight color options.

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Popular Uses

Color Waterproof Sealant can be used on a range of home projects. Eight color options and easy application make it an adaptable product. Here are some of the most common Color Waterproof Sealant uses.

  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Sloped Roofs
  • Planter Boxes
  • Foundations
  • Sheds
  • Basements
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • And More


FLAT/PONDING SURFACE Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 15 sq ft (1.4 sq/m). It should require around 4-5 heavy coats to achieve a 60-80 mil (1.5-2.0mm) (DFT) membrane.

VERTICAL SURFACES Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 30 sq ft (2.3 sq/m). It should require around 2-3 heavy coats to achieve a 30 mil (0.76mm) (DFT) membrane.

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It is best to apply during mornings and evenings without direct sun on a dry day above 10C/50F. The product stays soft, flexible and may have some tackiness, not meant for decks, patios, balconies or as a constant walking surface. For larger areas, pour out and spread around with a broom, roller or squeegee.

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Generally, you can apply 1-2 coats per day. Apply the next heavy coat when it's dry to touch (typically 6-8 hours), make sure there is no uncured material underneath. Tacky is ok.

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Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow. Make sure you do not combine black products with colored products, use one or the other.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Adams
Fantastic Stuff!

I've got a lake house in central FL that is subject to very minor flooding occasionally (once every 5-10 years), but it's annoying, so I thought I'd give Liquid Rubber a try.

Ordered 5 gallons (a lot more than I needed) of the beige "Color Waterproof Sealant" along with a roll of the geotextile fabric. The product is about the consistency of pancake batter, and applies easily with a brush.

On the first section I did I put blue painters tape a few inches above where I wanted the liquid rubber to stop. This turned out to be a mistake. When liquid rubber cures, it adheres very tightly to the painters' tape. In order to keep the liquid rubber from peeling off the area I wanted it to stay, I had to use a razor blade to cut out the blue painters' tape.

On the other areas that I did I decided to forego the painters tape. This worked out much better. I marked the "paint line" with a felt-tip marker about 2" up the wall and 2" out from the wall. If you take your time you can get a really straight edge using just the brush, and no painters' tape to remove.

The color, much to my delight, matched the house paint color very well (good enough for govt' work at least). Cleanup was as-advertised - easy using just water.

I departed from their application recommendations in one of the areas I did. Liquid Rubber recommends a layer of sealant, then (while wet), geotextile fabric, then a second coat after 24 hours. I actually applied 2 layers of the fabric (liquid rubber - fabric - liquid rubber - fabric - 2 coats liquid rubber). I don't know if this was necessary, but my thinking was that I wanted a really good watertight barrier, and that several coats of liquid rubber couldn't hurt.

This has only been on a few weeks and we have had no flooding, so I don't know if this actually works or not - hopefully I won't have to find out.

Liquid Rubber is extremely easy to apply and cleanup is a breeze. After curing I can attest to the fact that this stuff is actually rubber. After curing it can be stretched to several times it's length without tearing, so minor differential movement between the wall and foundation should be no problem whatsoever.

As mentioned I purchased 5 gallons. I ended up using about 1.5 on my lake house. I plan on using this on several areas on my main house in north FL.

Overall, based on my experience, I would highly recommend Liquid Rubber.`

Hello, Mr. Adams,
We are very glad that our products worked well for you and that your project was a success!

For future applications, it is best to remove the painters tape while the coating is still wet.

Celine St-Pierre
I like it

Easy to use and no odor. Very good product.

Lisa Northrup
As always, great product and service

We have been using this product for three years now as part of our business is membrane application services. We have nothing but good things to say about it and Liquid Rubber. We are extremely satisfied with the product, and it's uses and totally recommend it over any other membrane product on the market! We wish we could own the company!! Our company lists we are "Eastern Ontario's Membrane Specialists". So glad we found it when we did. 😎

Brian Moen
Superb Customer Service

I used the roof coating on some flat areas of my home and the products have worked great.

Recently, ordered a one gallon of the product to do some touchups along with some caulking. I didn't get to applying the products for a couple of weeks after the box arrived. When I opened the box I discovered that the caullking was there but the gallon of coating was not.

I contacted customer service, and to be honest I expected them to tell me to contact the shipper. No, customer service didn't ask anything except if I wanted them to reship or if I wanted a refund. The replacement product arrived a few days later.

I would recommend this company and their products to anyone!

Grant Leslie

Color Waterproof Sealant